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Swan Hill has so much to offer. 

Don’t know where to start? We put together an itinerary for you, so you can make the most out of your trip.

6-hour Itinerary

2-day Itinerary

Day 1:

Day 2:

The Paragon Café

The Paragon Café

(550 m/6 min walk)
Riverside Park Café

Riverside Park Café

(1.2 km/3 min drive)


(90 m/1 min walk)


(500 m/6 min walk)


(83 m/1 min walk)

Peppercorn on Campbell

(250 m/3 min walk)
Spoons Riverside

Spoons Riverside

(400 m/5 min walk)

Pioneer Settlement

(550 m/6 min walk)
Established in 1963, The Pioneer Settlement takes you back to the life in the Murray during the era its early years of development. It is known as Australia’s first open-air museum, featuring original historic vehicles and almost fifty replica buildings from the 18th-19th century.
Watch Australian history unfold as you walk through the structures of 1850s buildings, like the Pioneer Cottages, the Masonic hall, the post office, and a photographic studio. You can also find Australia’s largest publicly accessible collection of pre-war steel wheel tractors, many of which are activated on a daily basis.
Live as your ancestors did by catching the latest “blockbuster film” at the Kaiser Panorama Stereoscopic Theatre through the original entertainment medium built in 1895, getting some downtime at the Tea Rooms or hitting the road on a restored vintage Dodge, where you can drive by the Murray River.

PS Pyap

(Located at Pioneer Settlement)
The Pioneer Station Pyap or PS Pyap was built all the way back in 1896 and was used as a floating general store, traveling 500 kilometres each week to sell goods to settlers at landing places along the lower Murray River.
The trip from Pioneer Settlement down to the Murray Downs Homestead takes about an hour, giving you some downtime to appreciate the scenery and good weather as you listen to the captain narrate the rich history of the riverboat.

Heartbeat of the Murray – Laser Light Spectacular

(Located at Pioneer Settlement)
Although Swan Hill is known for its warm and bright weather, having more sunny days in a year than the Gold Coast, the town is arguably just as beautiful when the sun sets.
The Heartbeat of the Murray laser light show is an award-winning 360-degree multi-media spectacular that uses the riverside as its background.

Flying Boat Museum

(13.8km/10 min drive)
Catalina A24-30 and the original secret bunker used in World War II in Lake Boga were restored. To completely understand the importance the communication bunker held during this period, you can watch a short film at the command centre explaining its significance.

Swan Hill Town Hall Performing Arts and Conference Centre (PACC)

(1.1 km/4 min drive)
The foundation for the new Swan Hill Town Hall was laid out in 1934. With the town’s population rising, the city council had plans to put up a new town hall that could seat 1,000 people and provide a supper room to seat 250.
For its grand re-opening the following year, a Gala Hospital Ball was held and attended by over 1,000 people. The original cost for the erection of the building was at £21,265 ($42,503).
The town hall, now called the Swan Hill Town Hall Performing Arts and Conference Centre, still retains a lot of its original features as it hosts more modern town events.

Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery

(350 m/4 min walk)
The community’s interest in the visual arts had a ripple effect on the town, driving the council of the rural city to develop a purposeful gallery, where local community fund-raising played an important role in its completion.
Guided tours are available every Sunday to take you through over the hundreds of art pieces in the gallery.
While the gallery hosts a number of exhibitions every year to maintain an exciting and ever-changing collection, it also features about 300 works of art that are displayed all-year-round.
Yearly Events

Swan Hill Farmers Market

(1.4 km/3 min drive)
The Swan Hill Farmers Market is held on the first Sunday of each month in the picturesque surrounds of Riverside Park, Swan Hill.
Our mission is to maintain a regular accredited farmers market that is an anticipated event in our township, not only for the opportunity to source high quality, local produce but also as a forum to connect and share time with family and friends. It’s also an opportunity to learn together about the benefits of supporting local, sustainable agriculture.
We believe that a farmers market provides a platform for local growers to showcase nutritious and seasonal produce in an environment which has mutually beneficial social and economic advantages for producers and the community.

Murray Downs Golf & Country Club

(7.1 km/10 min drive)
The Murray Downs Golf & Country Club is one of Australia’s leading golf courses and hands-down the best one in town.
With the Murray’s beautiful sunny weather, tourists and golfers can enjoy the award winning 18-hole championship golf course 300 rain-free days a year.

Swan Hill Jockey Club

(550 m/7 min walk)
Nothing says “country” like the Jockey Club’s feature events: Murray Mallee Winter Series Racing, The Bottle-O Christmas Party Races and, of course, the famous 3 day Swan Hill June Racing Carnival.
The weather, the facilities, the competition and the community add up to the perfect formula for a great race that absolutely anyone can enjoy.

George Lay Park

(3.3 km/5 min drive)
If you’re traveling with children, the George Lay Park should be the first on your agenda. The playground has both a grassy area and a bike route, and a handful of other play equipment to enjoy.

Riverside Park Swan Hill

(1.3 km/16 min walk)
Referred to by the town as its “hidden gem”, the Riverside Park Swan Hill is a place of solace. Take a seat on one of the ten steps and appreciate the quiet and secluded scenery. There is no better place in town you can retire after a day’s worth of sight-seeing.

The Giant Murray Cod

(700 m/9 min walk)

Upon exiting the Swan Hill train station, you will be greeted with a monument to the Murray Cod, which used to grow to massive sizes before irrigation and drought shrunk the fish’s population.
The structure, dubbed as “The Giant Murray Cod”, was built as a prop for the 1992 movie Eight Ball and was donated to the town after the release of the movie.

Showbiz Cinemas Swan Hill

(900 m/12 min walk)
State of the art boutique 3-screen cinema location screening latest mainstream, art house and select independent film product in Swan Hill, Victoria.

Woolworths Supermarket

(1.4 km/3 min drive)

Coles Supermarket

(1.3 km/3 min drive)

Woolworths Supermarket

(1.4 km/3 min drive)

ALDI Grocery Store

(600 m/8 min walk)

Showbiz Cinemas Swan Hill

(900 m/12 min walk)
State of the art boutique 3-screen cinema location screening latest mainstream, art house and select independent film product in Swan Hill, Victoria.